Steventon, Oxfordshire

The brief for this garden design was to transform previously agricultural land into a garden. A fun space for the four kids, while screening off a new housing estate in the distance, and providing the adults with a formal garden to relax and entertain in.

Agricultural land has huge restrictions on it – no hard landscaping or permanent buildings. We added several large trees for screening including a mature willow which will thrive on the damp conditions at the end of the garden.

Large swathes of wildflower meadow with a series of curved pathways make up the majority of the space. We used instant Meadowmat which established immediately despite harsh planting conditions. There are two mounds for the children to play on; one with a tunnel through it, the other forming a seating area around a circular decking sunk into the ground. The formal garden is flanked by evergreen hedges and walls for privacy and planted with blocks of colourful herbaceous perennials and a dotting of multi-stem trees.

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