West Oxford Garden

This was one of the most challenging sites to design given the steep slope, but by us-ing zig-zagging paths and bold swathes of plants we were able to create a centrepiece which has given the garden a new lease of life and paid homage to its history. As a result of this bold design, SNDesign was awarded a sliver medal at the prestigious APL awards 2020

South Hayes is part of the history of Horticulture in Oxford having been the home of the eminent Oxford botanist William Frederic Warburg and his wife Primrose after which the rare snowdrop Galanthus ‘Primrose Warburg’ was named, as well as having it’s own snowdrop named after the house itself. It is still home to thousands of snowdrops, including Galanthus ‘South Hayes’ and the very rare yellow snowdrop Galanthus ‘Primrose Warburg’. We were delighted to assist the new owners in transforming the garden, making it their own whilst respecting it’s rich botanical history. We found this project far exceeded expectations and continues to flourish year after year.

An in depth description of the project can be found here

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