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If you are not sure what you need we offer single, fixed rate consultations to give access to our expertise and experience with no strings attached. We can provide advice, problem solving and support for individual and unique garden situations, followed by a written report.

Image: Sarah and a client in her new garden


Our bespoke Landscape & Garden Design service takes the outdoor space from concept to completion and beyond. We begin with a detailed assessment of the site and an in depth consultation with the clients to establish a clear understanding of what is to be achieved.

Outline design proposals begin the journey to a Masterplan which is then detailed, including construction drawings and Specification packages for costing.

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Planting Plans are produced as an integral part of the Masterplan, from which we source and cost the supply of plants. We then set out the plants for planting by our own team.

We will always monitor the project through the build to help iron out any problems that arise, as well as checking all invoices issued by the landscaping contractor.

We also offer an Aftercare Service and Maintenance Guide.

Image: Masterplan for a country estate in North Oxford


Planting Design is also offered as a stand alone service.

We specialise in renovating old planting schemes and bringing them up to date with simple plant combinations that are easy to maintain but, bring colour and life to the garden in every season.

The ‘Right plant in the right place’ is very much our mantra and we are also careful to use a style of planting to suit the look of the garden as it sits against architecture or the bigger landscape.

Combinations are chosen carefully, creating living paintings that change with the seasons.

We also offer an Aftercare Service and Maintenance guide.

Image: Rudbeckia & Helenium with a pale yellow Achilliea backdrop



AFTERCARE: Once we’ve handed you the keys to your finished garden we don’t just walk away leaving you feeling forgotten. It is just as important to us as it is to our clients that design and hard work does not get lost over time. We include within our packages a set number of further visits over the following months post garden ‘completion’. This allows us to review all aspects of hard landscaping and planting and address any matters arising. We also offer access to our favoured garden maintenance teams if requested.

MAINTENANCE GUIDE: If you would like to be hands on with your garden, or have a gardener, we can produce a Maintenance Guide to your planting scheme detailing each plant, with a ‘To Do’ list for each bed for each month of the year.

Image: Cut grass path through a meadow


We source beautiful and unique outdoor furnishings and accessories to help you create your dream outdoor room.

We work with many respected crafts people and different styles to suit your needs: David Harber, Gaze Burvill, Alitex, Grillo, Indu, Atellier Vierkant, Paola Lenti, Roda, Summit, Feuerring  are just a few examples.

Image courtesy of Garden Glory

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