The journey to a beautiful garden follows a clear and simple path once we have met you and visited the site:

We begin with a detailed assessment of the site, a walk around and an in-depth consultation to gain a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

From this we establish a clear Design Brief which forms the foundation to every design. We will also discuss a possible budget for the construction as well as Design fees.


For any quality garden design it is essential for us to know the lay of the land. It is quite usual for us to commission a professional, topographical survey with details of levels, services, existing trees and boundaries.

This will be used as the basis for all our design drawings.

For very small simple projects we may carry out the survey ‘in house’.


This is the first phase of the Design Process.

We present our ideas in a combination of CAD plans, sketches and mood images.

Through several discussions with you we arrive at a Masterplan, which forms the basis of all subsequent detailed work and planting design.



These are the second and third phases of the Design Process.

In order for the Masterplan to become reality we need to produce details of both construction and planting.

Phase.2. Detailing

All plans are dimensioned,  materials chosen, and construction details illustrated.

We include Specifications and a Bill of Quantities for our landscapers and also carry out a tender process when required.

This is also the stage where the project is costed in detail.

Phase.3. Planting Design

An assessment of the soil profiles and aspects of each bed are carried out.

We also discuss your plant loves and hates.

Planting plans and images are all presented prior to sourcing and procurement.

Once plants have been ordered we will accept them onto site and set them out ready for planting.

We can also assist with maintenance guides and make two visits in the following six months to check on how the garden is doing.


This is the fourth phase of the Design Process.

We take great pride in all our gardens and want them to be the best they can be. In order for a project to run smoothly we make regular visits to site during the build to monitor what has been commissioned and advise the contractor along the way. This also gives you the freedom to contact us at any time during the build with any questions you may have.


A new garden begins its life when the contractors leave, so we like to continue to visit on a regular basis for the following year to see how it grows and often advise on maintenance to ensure the garden keeps its style.


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