by Sarah Naybour
13th May 2016

During the warmer months the garden can become an extension of our homes. We like to sit, sunbathe, eat and generally relax in our gardens, especially after working so hard out there to make them look beautiful and relaxing. So naturally, we want some good quality, comfortable furniture to use.

Ideally, outdoor furniture should blend in well with the design of the garden and not look too obtrusive, especially if it’s to be positioned further out on the lawn, or in an area of the garden where there are trees and shrubs. If that is the case, I would recommend purchasing robust wood furniture, such as oak, cedar or other natural materials that will withstand all weathers. Because you don’t want to be hauling heavy furniture in and out all the time!

Think about the positioning of the furniture before you purchase it. It’s important that it fits into the space whilst allowing room to move back chairs and travel around them. Especially with outdoor dining. All that to-ing and fro-ing with food and drink, plates and glasses, people pushing chairs out to stand up and then sit down again!

For patio or paved areas that are literally an extension of your house, you may prefer outdoor furniture that blends in with your indoor furnishings more. Comfortable sofas, or stylish rattan chairs with contrasting cushions. Bear in mind that cushions can get a bit hot and sweaty in the summer! It’s also worth remembering that most cushion materials are only shower proof, needing to be stored away during bad weather or in the winter.

And that’s another thing – if you don’t have any space to store and protect your garden furniture over the winter, it is definitely worth investing more money into better quality builds and designs. Cheap furniture will split and break, even if it’s covered (although covering does help a bit).

One of my favourite garden furniture providers is Gaze Burvill. Their products are beautifully made with minimum joints to minimise corrosion or splitting, and will last a lifetime. I particularly love their outdoor kitchen! They will customize pieces to suit your space, too. Yes, they’re a bit on the pricey side, but they should never need replacing and look striking in the garden.

My other favourite outdoor furniture supplier is Kettal. Their designs tend to be more minimal and varied, some having a Swedish feel about them, others more retro like their Basket chair, and still other designs are more Mediterranean.

Do check out these other garden furniture collections, too. You’re bound to find something that suits both your taste and matches your garden and décor from this selection:

  • Gaze Burvill – they have a showroom in East Tisted, Hampshire

  • Kettal – their UK showroom is in King’s Road, London, with others in Barcelona, Marbella, Miami and Paris

  • Indian Ocean – offering a wide range of outdoor furniture and accessories

  • Go Modern – a wide range of high quality contemporary furniture for both house and garden

  • Oxenwood – highest quality furniture made of natural materials such as wood and stone


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