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For Sarah her passion is for transforming landscapes; designing in close collaboration with her clients to bring them gardens which sit comfortably and beautifully in their place.

‘Attention to detail at every stage is key to beautiful design, which is why I take care to engage with everyone involved in a garden project from the ‘brickie’ to the nurseryman. If they feel valued then they will produce their best for us.’

Sarah has designed and managed the build of three Award Winning show stands on Main Avenue at Chelsea. ‘ I’ve loved every second of them: From the concept design stage through to  being on site amongst the thrill of seeing a lawn transformed into a beautiful garden space, and then seeing the enjoyment it brings. Its the same with every project.’

On graduating Sarah Naybour was awarded Britain’s Student Designer of the Year by the Society of Garden Designers. She then went on to build up a varied client base in the Oxfordshire area  and West London, including being commissioned by David Harber to design his show stand on Main Avenue at Chelsea Flower Show in 2013, 14 & 15 and then for Schellevis in 2016.  On all occasions being awarded a 5 Star Awards  – a Gold standard for a trade stand.

Working with Sarah Naybour , not only will you get a beautifully thought out design, but it will be built with care and will go on growing and changing through the years.

‘When I’m not designing gardens I’m walking my dogs, paddle boarding, practicing yoga, cycling, eating good food, drinking good wine and enjoying the expanse of the mountains, whichever country they may be in.’


I am a French, English and German speaking designer who grew up in rural Oxfordshire. It is also in Oxford that I studied garden design on a course together with Sarah Naybour where we struck up a firm friendship. Soon after graduating I competed to become the RHS Young Designer of the Year and received a generous grant to build a show garden at RHS Tatton Park.

Despite my initial success as a young designer in the UK, I left the country to start a new adventure and spent most of my professional life as a landscape architect in Switzerland working for some of the country’s most prominent design companies, first Simmen Group then Enea GmbH and finally Rolf von Burg.

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It is in that beautiful verdant and mountainous country that I learnt most of my values for precision, attention to detail and punctuality, also a profound love of mountains, alpine beauty, mountain culture and of course Swiss cheese and chocolate!

Since my return to the UK I have endeavoured to apply all my skills and experience to the wonderful projects I have been involved in, and infuse many gardens with biodiversity and beauty and style.

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