South Hayes


The transformation from paper plan to reality often exceeds expectations. Occasionally it more than exceeds expectations. South Hayes is one of those….

Once-upon-a-time it was owned by Primrose Warburg, named under Galanthophile in Wikipedia,  and her husband, the eminent Oxford botanist William Frederic Warburg.

It is still home to thousands of snowdrops, including Galanthus ‘South Hayes’ and the very rare yellow snowdrop Galanthus ‘Primrose Warburg’.

I lived opposite for many years and was more than happy to assist the new owners in bringing the garden up to date. they had already re-built the upper terrace and stripped the steep bank of various shrubs and old trees. Details of the build can be found in my two blogs – Making of a Garden 1 & 2.

The little P9 plants that we put in in March 2017 grew enthusiastically filling the bank with swathes of colour and texture which lasted into late autumn.

The pictures speak for themselves.