Salisbury Crescent

The attention to detail in this garden was second to none. Each granite plank was individually cut to match the interior floorboard width, so as to ensure a continuous line from inside to out….

Once again we did away with lawn and replaced it with a muted palette of white, purple, pink and green planting, with an emphasis on texture. Additional colour and height is created by seasonal bulbs which come and go throughout the year.

The split level garden links the main house to a modern garden office clad in western red cedar. The lower terrace is a pretty dining area beneath mature trees while the upper terrace is a suntrap in white render and granite.


Dear Sarah,

I am returning to Oxford this Thursday and I really look forward to seeing the result of your creativity and hard work.

To quote D…..’Sarah always did what she promised.’

Creativity and artistic garden flair are essential, but reliability puts the icing on the cake.

I am always reminding contractors that they should try to move from Good to Great. I feel that you are quite close in your field (or in your garden! ).

Good luck at the Chelsea flower show, give my regards to the Queen.

Thanks and take care