Chiswick Pair

This was an interesting project, which was actually two projects next to each other. The same architect, the same contractor, but two very different clients and design briefs. As you will see from the gallery images. (Some of which are the client’s photos).

One was designed for a developer who was aiming to sell the property as soon as possible after the renovations. This garden was based on one seen at Chelsea Flower Show and was simple and verdant, with a large sculpture the central focal point.

The other was even more minimal, being laid mainly to hard landscape it couldn’t have been more different. Bright red walls were to match interior features ( although one was compromised in the build). The main request was to make a space the kids could play in all year round, but which could be altered later to incorporate a lawn and planting. I placed decked areas into the paving which can be lifted and changed easily in the future.