Missing my traditional Christmas Garden

22nd December 2016

The thoughtless weather this year has got me all sentimental for some hard frosts and clear blue skies.

I am craving feeling chilled to the bone, needing hats and gloves on my morning dog walks and being blinded by low winter sunlight.

But it is not to be, so I have sought out some images from my old garden, which had so much to offer even at this time of year, like this stunning faded
Echinacea caught in early morning light, as seen below…

046-768x512 06-12-11_7879_edited-1-511x768
A glimpse through tall fronds of Calamagrostis Karl Foerster A winter fire of Libertia & Anementhele fronds.
winter-fallen-berry-511x768 frosted-eryngium-512x768
A fallen berry glaring in a black and white seedhead landscape. My Eryngium self seeded in abundance. Blue stars of the Spring,
turning white in time for Christmas.


The curved forms of our table and benches highlighted by frost. With Sedums providing the perfect platform for frosts.

Gentle giant Euphorbia characias, evident all year round, its grey-green foliage a soft velvet amongst scratchy grasses and prickly Echinacea.
Echinacea in the early morning light.